The Living Desert gave those kids who got yelled at a pretty cool thing

The Living Desert has made good on their promise to make things up to a group of 4th graders who recently had a field trip to the Palm Desert attraction marred by a man who hurled racial obscenities at them while they visited the park.

In a story first reported by Cactus Hugs, Katherine Finchy Elementary School Principal Matt Hammond alerted parents to the incident that happened on October as the class was leaving the coyote exhibit to head to another part of the park. Hammon says that the trouble started when the student’s teacher spoke to the class in both English and Spanish.

“There was a random man who overheard this and proceeded to yell obscenities at the teacher and the children pertaining to their Hispanic heritage and culture,” Hammond said in the letter.

The children were moved away from the area and the man was reported to the Living Desert, but the same man returned later and continued yelling at the class. At that point, an employee of the Living Desert called security and he was removed.

“I believe the teacher handled it well,” A parent of one of the children on the field trip (who wished to remain anonymous) told Cactus Hugs. “However I have my kids now asking why others hate them so much.”

That same parent messaged Cactus Hugs on Monday to let us know that the Living Desert has given all the 4th graders (even the ones not involved) at the school Total Adventure Packages to the zoo. The package includes not only admission, but also giraffe feedings, carousel rides, camel rides, and more.

Props to the Living Desert for making the best of an unfortunate situation.


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