The line for Disney California Adventure’s new Incredicoaster was 4 hours this weekend


Have you been thinking about checking out Disney California Adventure’s new Pixar Pier? Well, you might want to wait until September, unless long lines are your thing.

The updated attraction, which used to be known as California Screamin’, opened to the public this weekend and, according to MiceChat, it was very, very crowded.

But the line for the coaster did dissipate rapidly when folks decided to abandon the slow-moving line and opt for FastPass instead. By later in the evening, the 4-hour line had given way to a more reasonable 75 minutes.

Long lines at Disneyland are, of course, no surprise – and while being one of the first to ride the attraction is kind of cool, waiting in line for a third of your day at Disneyland doesn’t seem like the most efficient use of time.

Micechat says the entire Pixar Pier area was shoulder to shoulder at times over the weekend, a big change from ten years ago when you could basically have the whole area to yourself on a weekday.

The Disneyland crowd forecasting website Is It Packed? has the theme park being pretty darn crowded until the beginning of September, which might seem like a long time to wait to head to Mickey’s place – but then, it beats spending 240 minutes in line for a ride. Plus, you can check out what the ride is like without even leaving your house – as plenty of people have taken videos of their spin on the Incredicoaster: