The Knott’s Berry Farm Starbucks serves a secret menu Boysenberry Frappuccino

(Instagram: @thereisonebird)

Knott’s Berry Farm added a Starbucks to the property in 2016 and it’s the only one in the world where you can grab yourself a Boysenberry Frappuccino – though you won’t see it on the menu.

As CP Food Blog notes, Knott’s experimented with a Boysenberry Frappuccino at the Gourmet Coffee during its annual Boysenberry Festival back in 2015. It was a huge hit and guests were upset when they limited time only drink was no longer available.

A year later, when the Starbucks opened on the property, the Knottā€™s Berry Farm Starbucks Boysenberry Frappuccino began being offered – but, you have to ask for it, as it’s not listed on the menu.

Also of note, the Starbucks is located just outside of the theme park, so you can try the beverage without buying a ticket to the park.

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