The Kardashians just bought a super-expensive house in La Quinta

(MLS / Twitter)

The Kardashians – a family famous…ummm, well, something – now have a place to cash after pushing their broken down car along Highway 111 in Palm Springs thanks to the purchase of a pricey place inside the Madison Club in La Quinta. 

The Desert Sun reports that a seven-bedroom property was purchased for $12 million on August 8 by a trust for the family and no one is quite sure yet which family member it might be.

(Zillow / MLS)

Could it be Kim?  Khloe?  Kris?  Kylie?  Kitten?  I wanna say Krusty?  No one knows for sure at this point, but I guess we will probably found out around Coachella, assuming any of us is invited to the big party – though with only 3 parking spaces, you might want to plan on taking an Uber there.

(MLS / Zillow)

The place also has an infinity pool, hot tub, tennis court, 4 fireplaces, waterfalls, and some pretty awesome views.  No word if there is space for a camera crew, but with this family, that’s gotta be assumed.

(Zillow / MLS)

If you want to check out the house, the Zillow listing is here.

Update: Let’s just hope grocery stores in the area are stocked up on dairy and breakfast items. 

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