Chandi is building a gigantic $30 million compound in Rancho Mirage

Chandi Group USA

Nachhattar Chandi – a local businessman known for owning quite a few fast food joints and gas stations, along with donating a ton of cash to a pro-Trump super PAC before terminating it – is building a yuuuge compound in Rancho Mirage. Who knew that there was so much money to be made in those $1 AM/PM hot dogs (or that anyone actually bought them)?

The planned home, to be built on the same street at the enormous home Coco Crisp is trying to sell, was approved by the city council this week, reports the Desert Sun.

The City Council on Thursday approved plans for the main home, a split-level to be built on 1.4 acres of a 4.16-acre parcel Chandi plans to subdivide into three lots off of Vista Dunes Road, just south of Frank Sinatra Drive and west of Monterey Avenue.

The Chandi family will live in the main home on the property,  a 13,361-square-foot,  seven bedroom, house with a tennis court and gym.

There will also be two other homes, which will be resided in by Chandi’s brother and sister, will be a 11,402-square-feet and  7,075-square-feet.   No word on which sibling will get the bigger house.

In addition to the Arco AM/PMs, Chandi also is a Del Taco, Dairy Queen, Subway, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Denny’s franchisee.