The El Paseo pro-Trump window display got vandalized

A reader sent us these photos of the El Paseo pro-Trump window display in Palm Desert that appears to have been tagged this weekend with “Impeach Trump Anyone but Trump 2020” scrawled across one window and “Free the Kids” across another of the store.

An important reminder: no matter how outrageous, ridiculous, ignorant, offensive, and tacky you may think someone is being when voicing their opinions, do not vandalize their stuff.

Update: The graffiti has been removed.

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  1. Glad to see it was vandalized.

    There was clearly ZERO well-meaning intent behind the display.
    The tape over the mouths?
    The naked mannequins ?
    Clearly this was not simply a pro-DT, display, it expressed harmful intent towards others.

    I’m glad the proprietor of this store has shown their true colors and that they are filled with ill-will.

  2. No matter how much we may disagree with the sentiments expressed by this display it is never okay to vandalize someone else’s property. Is this display in poor taste? Do I find it offensive? Yes, however, freedom of speech is one of the fundamental rights each and every one of us is entitled to express. Feel free to protest. You overcome with good arguments not with destruction of property or violence.

  3. I do disagree with Denise having the windows! I wouldn’t vandalize it but I feel she thinks she is above the law! Over do her freedom of speech as a business owner! I’m sick of looking at it! It is beautiful season here in the Desert! Put something festive up! Don’t care to have business owners giving me their political views! She leaves in the summer maybe next year stay away all season! Ha ha