Sorry, young people in Palm Springs can afford homes…tiny, uninhabitable homes

KMIR Tiny House

As if on cue to an earlier story posted on Cactus Hugs about how young people in Palm Springs will never be able to afford a home in Palm Springs, KMIR introduces us to a high school student who has beat the trend by choosing to live in a donated a 192-square foot, currently uninhabitable trailer – clearly showing that the dream of home ownership for young people is still alive in the Coachella Valley.

Molly Smith, who I will state right now seems like a pretty damn amazing teenager human being, wants to go to culinary school – but, like so many young people nowadays, that dream is just too expensive for her family.  So, Smith has taken on the task of turning a run down trailer into something livable by the time she graduates high school.  Something KMIR refers to as the “Tiny Home Movement”.

Here are the plans:

Tiny house plans

There is much work to do on the dwelling,  electrical and plumbing to name a few, but the unit already has a name: Desert Pearl.

“It’s an oyster because oysters on the outside are not very pretty,” Smith tells KMIR.  “But on the inside there’s a pearl, and that’s the name of it. I’m calling it the desert pearl.”

Seriously, can someone start a scholarship fund for her!!!!!

You can watch the segment below. If you are like me, you will be inspired by Smith – and, if you are like me an obviously dejected anchor Gino LaMont (watch the end of the segment), you will also be saddened by the total lack of opportunity and affordable education that older generations have left for today’s young people.

KMIR News | Palm Springs, California