The Doors once played a show at the top of the Palm Springs Tramway

(Palm Springs Aerial Tramway / Billboard)

The history of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is full of surprises (did you know there was a Miss Tramwayland pageant?) and the Twitter account for the attraction has been doing a great job lately of sharing some cool things you probably didn’t know – including a performance from The Doors that took place at the Mountain Station back in the 70s.

The performance was tied to a conference called Electra on Parade that was held at the Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs in January, 1972.  According to the Tram, the highlight for convention goers that year was a performance by the Doors that took place in the Mountain Station.

And, by performing at 8,516 feet, girl, they couldn’t get much higher.

The convention also had performances by Harry Chapin and Carly Simon.  You can see a Billboard article about the convention (and some pics) here.

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