The Desert X 2019 guide to Terminal Lake Exploration Platform at the Salton Sea

Desert X 2019 runs from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea (with many spots in the Coachella Valley in between) from February 9 through April 21. Below is info for Terminal Lake Exploration Platform and you can catch all the info you need for every Desert X installation in our complete guide here.

What:Terminal Lake Exploration Platform

Artists: Steve Badgett & Chris Taylor

Where: Salton Sea State Park Recreation Area, 100225 State Park Road

Time: Daily from 10 am to 4 pm or follow at Desert X website

Note: if you are looking to avoid Desert X “spoilers” stop reading here.  If not, carry on. 

The Lowdown:So, you should know that you probably won’t get to see the actual platform as it’s goal is to be out on the Salton Sea – which is vast and, who knows, maybe you will catch it when it is docked or nearby. If not, here’s a photo of it.

What you can see is the stream of the cameras attached to the solar powered vessel in the Salton Sea State Park Recreation Area Visitor Center – where there are also plenty of walking sticks, should you need one.

If you happen to be checking out the various Salton Sea installations, this might be a good point to have lunch (they don’t sell it here, so bring your picnic baskets), as there are plenty of tables to hang out around the beach and the Salton Sea – all with some pretty incredible views.

We would love to see your photos of Terminal Lake Exploration Platform. Be sure to post them in the comments below – and check out our guide to all of the Desert X installations here.