The Desert X 2019 guide to Revolutions, the VR installation in Palm Springs

Desert X 2019 runs from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea (with many spots in the Coachella Valley in between) from February 9 through April 21. Check out the info below for Nancy Baker Cahill’s Revolutions in Palm Springs and then read our complete guide to Desert X and every one of the installations here.

What: Revolutions

Artist: Nancy Baker Cahill

Special Note: Make sure you have the app before you head out to this one!  Details on that below.

Special Note 2: Avoid this one during the rain.  

Where: Updated: The installation has moved to the juncture Tipton and Highway 111 in Whitewater after that Valentine’s Day Storm from Hell. 

Lowdown: So, before I get to anything else here, I will warn you: YOU MUST DOWNLOAD A LARGE APP BEFORE YOU GET HERE. Seriously. Do it. Do it now. It is big (150 mb) and some carriers only allow you to download it on WiFi and this Desert X installation is not near WiFi and, well, you can’t see the thing if you don’t have the app. So get the 4th Wall app now.

Download it for: Android / iPhone

This also applies for Cahill’s other VR Desert X installation located at the Salton Sea.

Note: if you are looking to avoid Desert X “spoilers” stop reading here.  If not, carry on. Also, the info below is from when the installation could be found on Indian Canyon Drive.

This installation is located just a bit south of the truck stops right off the 10 Freeway on Indian Canyon Drive. Look for the Desert X sign on the west side of the road, which has a dirt turnout to park for the installation.

Nancy Baker Cahill sign for Desert X in Palm Springs

You will probably first encounter a bunch of people super confused about just what the hell this installation is because they don’t have the app, but you do because you downloaded it in advance because you rare smart and read Cactus Hugs.

Desert X Nancy Baker Cahill Palm Springs VR installation
A crowd gathers around the area confused because they didn’t read Cactus Hugs and get the app first

Now pull out that phone, open the app, and check out the augmented / virtual reality experience – where a painting appears on your phone while the real world surroundings show in the background. Look for and follow the arrows that appear – as everyone’s phone will not show the “painting” in the same place.

Be sure to screengrab your favorite moments – which you can do within the app – to share on the ‘Gram.