The Desert X 2019 guide to Recapturing Memories in Indio

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Desert X 2019 runs from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea (with many spots in the Coachella Valley in between) from February 9 through April 21. Check out the info below for Gary Simmons’ Recapturing Memories of the Black Ark in Indio and then read our complete guide to Desert X and every one of the installations here.

What: Recapturing Memories of the Black Ark

Artist: Gary Simmons

When: Open on Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm

Where: 43143 Jackson Street, Indio

Lowdown: Musicians make this piece come to life.  It includes a series of speakers hand-built from vintage parts and wood scavenged from the Treme neighborhood of post-Katrina New Orleans.

The speakers can be reconfigured by each performer, creating a different sound four each.

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We would love to see your photos and videos of Recapturing Memories of the Black Ark.  Be sure to post them in the comments below – and check out our guide to all of the Desert X installations here. 


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