The Desert X 2019 guide to It Exists in Many Forms, the Palm Desert Wave House piece

The Walter White Wave House in Palm Desert
The Walter White Wave House is a Desert X location in 2019

Desert X 2019 runs from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea (with many spots in the Coachella Valley in between) from February 9 through April 21. Below is info for the Palm Desert Desert X installation, it Exists in Many Forms, found at the iconic Wave House.  Check out the info below, then see our complete guide to all of the Desert X installations here.

What: It Exists in Many Forms

Artist: Postcommodity

Important: This one is only open on weekends  and you need to to get tickers (which are  free).  You can do that here.

Where: The Walter White Wave House, 73697 Santa Rosa Way, Palm Desert

Note: if you are looking to avoid Desert X “spoilers” stop reading here.  If not, carry on. 

The Lowdown: So, I am going to be honest with you here: this one is definitely one of the more bizarre Desert X installations. Currently the Wave House is undergoing renovations after being purchased by a father-son architect team, so it’s a big construction site all week long.  But, for the next two months, they are going to be having people in for Desert X during the weekends, event though the place isn’t close to being finished.

The uncompleted Wave House in Palm Desert
ooooh fancy!

So why you ask?  Well, this one is not about the visuals.  Sure, you can see that wavey roof when you arrive, but it’s all about how that roof deals with sound as you walk through the home.

No, this is really a Desert X installation.

They break things down much more about the intent of everything going on over at the Desert X website and if you get it, cool.  As for me, honestly, I just found the whole thing super odd and disappointing – but, hey, you might like it, so check it out and then head up the road to Dive-In.

We would love to see your photos of It Exists in Many Forms.  Be sure to post them in the comments below – and check out our guide to all of the Desert X installations here.