The Desert X 2019 guide to Dive-in at the Cross Hike in Palm Desert

Desert X 2019 runs from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea (with many spots in the Coachella Valley in between) from February 9 through April 21. Below is info for Dive-in and you can catch all the info you need for every Desert X installation in our complete guide here.

What: Dive-in

Artist: Superflex

Where: Cap Homme and Ralph Adams Park, 72500 Thrush Road, Palm Desert

Note: if you are looking to avoid Desert X “spoilers” stop reading here.  If not, carry on. 

The Lowdown: Greeting visitors to the Cap Homme park (best known as being the base of the Cross Hike) in South Palm Desert is a giant, pink, almost Stonehenge-ish thing with what appears to be a screen of some kind on it.  Well, you’re right, that is a screen (you are also right about the fact that Dive-In is giant and pink, btw)!

The artists behind the Dive-in would like to remind you that the Coachella Valley was supposed to be called the Conchilla Valley as it was once underwater, 6 million years ago and still shows signs of it with signs of fossilized marine life (hence Conchilla).

Dive-In Desert X
Dive-In, as seen from a distance

As Superflex explained during the opening for Dive-in, the piece is pink as fish seem to really like that color and when you get up to it, it really does appear to be something taken out of the water.

As far as that screen goes, there is a film that will be shown Saturdays during Desert X from 6 to 8pm.  The film is about 15 to 20 minutes (but honestly, for me at least, it felt much, much longer than that).

Dive-In, Desert X 2019
A film plays on Dive-in, the Desert X installation in South Palm Desert

We would love to see your photos of Dive-In. Be sure to post them in the comments below – and check out our guide to all of the Desert X installations here.

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