The Coachella Valley broke some heat records on Thursday

As you already know, it’s freakin’ hot outside. But, did you know that it’s also record breaking hot?

The National Weather Service notes that both Palm Springs and Thermal had hit 108 degrees by 1 pm on Thursday.ย  That is a new record for this date and, ugh, there’s still plenty of time to reach even hotter temps.

And don’t look for things to cool down all that much, as Friday’s temp should hit about 107, according to KMIR’s Jerry Steffen.ย  Saturday, while “cooling off a bit,” will still see temps around 102.

While these types of temps are not uncommon in the desert, they are usually more of a July thing than a May thing. Also, regardless of when they happen, be smart: stay hydrated, don’t hike, and, if at all possible, stay home with the A/C on.