The City of Palm Springs recommends ‘coyote hazing’

There has been an increase in the number of coyotes spotted in the Palm Springs Area lately and, should you come across one, officials suggest you haze the shit out of them. No, I am serious.

While hazing it discouraged when it comes to freshman pledging a frat, Palm Springs Animal Control says it’s much more effective when it comes to coyotes, especially when compared to trapping and euthanizing the animals – which has not shown to decrease or eliminate them.

So how does one haze a coyote? Well…

“There are a wide variety of hazing options residents can use if you and your pet are approached by a coyote, including yelling and waving your arms, using whistles, air horns, bells, or homemade noisemakers, spraying a coyote with water, vinegar water or pepper spray or throwing small objects in the direction of the coyote until it leaves the area entirely,” according to a statement released by the city’s communications director (via Desert Sun).

So basically…

Officials also say you should never run from a coyote and can I just add that maybe ACME should stop selling them crappy products?