The case against Pougnet, Wessman, Meaney delayed (again)

Former Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet

Former Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet along with developers Richard Meaney and John Wessman will have they day in court…one day…I am told.

KESQ reports that the trio, who face bribery and perjury charges, were due to be in court for a preliminary hearing next week, but that has been delayed until September as defense attorneys requested more time to go through all the material in the case.

The men pleaded not guilty in October, 2017…20 months ago…before the Lakers signed LeBron…before Harvey Weinstein was fired…before Paul Manafort was arrested and brought to trial…before both Avengers Endgame and Avengers Infinity War…before, well, you get the point.

Anyway, I am sure if this were you or me going to trial on bribery and perjury, we would be extended the same lengthy delay.