The Cabazon outlets have changed their dumb parking policy (again)


The Cabazon Outlets have changed their parking policy yet again and, finally, it appears it is a good one.

After first charging everyone to park at the new parking structure (including employees) everyday of the week, The Desert Hill’s Premium Outlets switched to only weekends and now they have switched yet again to not charging at all, according to a memo obtained by KESQ, which states that, “based on customer feedback indicating they preferred the previous structure, parking will be free of charge at Desert Hills Premium Outlets effective December 1st, 2018.”

The memo did mention that the outlets may have “paid parking opportunities” in the future, whatever that means, but for now, it’s free parking for all – which makes sense – as all you are trying to do is leave your car somewhere nearby so you can go spend money at their damn stores.

Original Post rom July 16:

Well, that was fast…

Hmm indeed, Karen Devine.

The change comes after workers voiced their outrage about having to park so far away if they wanted to save $5 (which could instead go to buying some tasty tacos) which was being charged to park in the new garage at the outlets.  An online petition garnered  thousands of signatures.

It still seems dumb to charge workers on weekends and making people interested in buying a $600 Coach purse very much seems like a tripping over dollars to get to dimes situation.

Then again, I bought a bunch of cool stuff on Amazon today and didn’t even have to leave the house or put on pants, so I might not be the biggest expert on outlet shopping.