Best Fish and Chips in Palm Springs are found at Whole Foods Palm Desert

Meat and potatoes. Pizza and beer. Cereal and milk. Some things in life just go amazing together – but very few can match the perfect combination of fish and chips (yes, some say fish ‘n chips…call them what you want, I just want to eat them). If you are looking for the best fish and chips in Palm Springs, you will find them, surprisingly, in a grocery store.

The Tap-In Taproom is a casual restaurant located inside of Whole Foods Market in Palm Desert. While many customers use the tables to chow down on pizza slices, sandwiches, and food from the hot bar that they grabbed in the store – you can also sit and order off the menu, which has burgers, salads, sushi, and (of course) fish and chips.

The fish and chips come out perfect.  Nice big pieces of white fish that are not too loaded up with breading and not ridiculously greasy.  The plate is simple enough.  2 or 3 pieces of fish served with some fries, a bit of slaw, a wedge of lemon and tartar (yes, you can also request ketchup and malt vinegar if you need it).

The fish is delicious, the fries are crisp, the tartar is fresh – and that alone would make this an awesome meal…but wait, there is more…

Every Friday, Tap-In offers a special that is pretty damn spectacular: fish and chips with a craft beer for only $10!


And this is not a crappy, water-flavored beer we are talking about.  You get a craft beer and they have a ton on tap (and they are always rotating in new ones to try).  No matter if you are into IPAs, ales, stouts, sours, or whatever…they will probably have something you enjoy.

The staff is always pretty cool and during the season, there is plenty of room outside to enjoy your meal (why I am telling you this at the beginning of summer,  I do not know).

Now, I debated telling you all this (for fear that Fridays will now be packed and I will no longer have a place to sit), but I did tell you…so do not get upset when I grab a few fries from your plate (and a gulp or two from your beer) while I wait for a chair to open up.

Enjoy! Oh, and while you are here, be sure to like us on Facebook.

Tap-In Taproom at Whole Foods Market, 44-459 Town Center Way, Palm Desert, (760) 797-8200


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