The artist who made the Palm Springs mirror house has a new, very cool installation

(Instagram / @pelhamcomms)

The artist behind the Palm Springs Mirror House, one of the 2017 Desert X installations in the Coachella Valley, has a new piece floating above the skies of Massachusetts – and it’s pretty damn cool.

Doug Aitken has created a mirrored hot air balloon that is traveling across the New England state throughout the summer. The balloon, called New Horizon, is a 100-foot-tall balloon that will be flying over various sites in the state managed by the Trustees, a local non-profit preservation and conservation organization, for the rest of July, according to Dezeen.

Some of the pics of the balloon are very cool. Check them out:

Aitken actually worked with NASA to develop the material for the balloon – which reflects the landscape during the day. Then, at night, LED lights , which are hand-sewn throughout the material, are choreographed to show different patterns.