The aerial tramway emoji needs your help ????

(Twitter: @natesilver538)

Poor aerial tramway emoji ????.  Sure, you probably didn’t even know that emoji exists, but now you do and you should also know that, of all the emojis, and there are a lot of emojis, it’s the one that is getting the least amount of love.

The website does just what its name says it does, it monitors and reports realtime use of emojis on Twitter (at a hectic, seizure-inducing rate).

While the crying laughing ???? and heart emojis ❤️ dominate the top usage standings, the aerial tramway emoji is now entering its 76th day as the least used of all the emojis, going back to May 5.

Okay, since I know you are asking, before aerial tramway was last, that “honor” went to the non-potable water symbol????, which spent 80 days at the bottom.

The only other emoji to rank last was suspension railway emoji ???? which only spent one day as the least used emoji on Twitter when the Least Used Emoji Bot Twitter account began sharing the info in February.

So, since the Coachella Valley is home to an actual aerial tramway, perhaps you can help out its down in the dumps emoji by tweeting out some emojis like these fine folks: