That Salton Sea stink will be sticking around even longer than expected

Welp, it seems as if that Salton Sea stink is just like your last asshole party guest who just couldn’t quite get the hint that is well past time for him to go home even though you had already done the dishes, put on your pajamas, and were lying on the couch with your eyes closed. Yes, reader, that means that we get even more time to take in the smell of rotten eggs mixed with just a touch of the scent of an underground parking garage and a small dash of day-after beer farts.

Officials have extended an advisory for the stench – which was supposed to expire yesterday – and now say it should last through today and into tomorrow.

Combine that with the fact that today is probably going to reach 1,000 degrees in the Coachella Valley today and, seriously, they should just let us all clock out (paid) so that we could head out to the beach for a breather (literally).