That Palm Springs house featured on ‘Stay Here’ on Netflix is up for sale

A home nicknamed the “Palm Springs Time Machine” and featured on the Netflix short-term rental makeover show Stay Here is up for sale.

The 3,350 sq. foot home has three bedrooms, three baths, and is the perfect place to host a party for Austin Powers as it really is stuck in a time gone by with vintage velvet flocked wallpaper, colorful shag carpets, and, wow, that bathroom.

The house sold for $800,000 back in 2017 and is now up for sale for a whopping $1,373,000!

But hey, what price is too much for a bedroom with so…much…pink?


The home was brought to the attention of the nation last year when designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer transformed the property in Episode 7 of the series Stay Here, entitled “Palm Springs Time Machine.”

Since appearing on the show, the home was sporadically on AirBnb – with the owners asking over $1,000 per night from those wishing to stay there.  The home is currently not listed on Airbnb.

An overhead shot as seen on Netflix’s “Stay Here”.

You can check out the real estate listing here.

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  1. This is an amazing property. I toured it over 10 years ago, long before the couple who were on “Stay Here” bought it. I believe the owner had died and it was first hitting the market. Much of it was like it already is, with all the different colored rooms and mid Century/70s/Regency decor. I hope whoever buys it keeps it exactly as it is and doesn’t gut it for some stupid faux Tuscan monstrosity. I was kind of bummed to see it for sale because I live about 90 minutes away and thought it might be fun to rent for night.