One traditional Thanksgiving side may be disappearing from your plate soon

This Thursday, the annual tradition of eating and drinking until we hate ourselves (than courageously finding a way to eat even more) will be upon us. But, according to a new poll, one Thanksgiving side dish may soon be gone forever – and all because of those darn Millennials.

Public Policy Polling asked Americans a number of Thanksgiving questions and the results really stand out for one in particular:

There is a massive generational divide on the issues of cranberry sauce. Seniors (80/17) say they like it by a 63 point margin while young voters (42/48) say they dislike it by a 6 point margin. If those numbers hold cranberry sauce may die out as a tradition in the next generation or two. But overall 63% of Americans say they like it currently to 32% who don’t.

Cranberry sauce gone?  Forever!!!

What will the laziest family member bring to dinner?  What will we slather on our sandwiches the next day?  What will become of all of those cranberries those two dudes are always standing in on TV?

I actually like cranberry sauce (especially the homemade type over the can) – but then I am pushing what seems like 700-years-old.  So tell me young people / cranberry sauce haters: why no love for cranberry sauce?