This year, f**k it. Just cook your Thanksgiving turkey in a dishwasher

How to cook your Thanksgiving turkey in the dishwasher news segment

This Thanksgiving, forget about spending all that time roasting or deep frying your bird. Just throw it into the dishwasher because, well, fuck it.

Christie Post is a reporter (and “not the super domestic type”) on a mission to travel the country (well, so far just Lubbock, Texas and Tampa Bay) to teach the nation how to cook a turkey in a dishwasher – which she read about once on Men’s Health – which is something that is “easy as putting your dishes in the dishwasher, literally”.

Now, you can’t cook the whole turkey in the dishwasher, just the breast. The recipe is pretty easy – you just spice up the breast, wrap it in saran wrap, place it in a tupperware on the top rock, and the run your dishwasher for 3.5 hours.

The final step, the most important of all btw, is to gross out your guests by telling them their meal was cooked in a dishwasher after they have scarfed it down. Hey, at least it might get some of them to leave before drinking all of your beer and passing out on the couch during the Cowboys game.

Happy Thanksgiving.