How to Own Your Terrible Golf Game…Like a Boss

Golf balls by Carolina Alves / CC

If you live in The Coachella Valley, you probably live near a golf course (there are, at last count, three million of them in The Palm Springs area alone). Sure, living near a golf course is nice because they are pretty, sometimes have amazing TV shows filmed there, and you can stumble home at the end of your 18 beers holes.

The problem with living near a golf course is that not all golfers are what you would call good.  In fact, most are pretty crappy (or even drunk!). Balls often times will miss the fairway, the rough, and the course completely – ending up on your yard or through your window.

And, for the golfer, apologizing for that awful slice is damn near impossible. The tee is so far away and it is often hard to see where the ball even went.

No worries, thanks to Redditor hbergalicious, you can now admit your mistake and offer a nice gift for your actions all at the same time!

reddit golf

(H/T Reddit) (Top image via Carolina Alves / CC – bottom image via Imgur)

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