Where do you tell people from outside of the Coachella Valley you’re from?

(image: Zack Ballantine)

A typical conversation that I used have with someone when I am outside of the Coachella Valley:

Them: “Where are you from?”

Me: “Palm Desert.”

Them: *awkward smile and slight confusion*

Me: “It’s near Palm Springs.”

Them: “Oh, okay. Well it’s nice to meet someone so devilishly handsome.”

While I continue to thank everyone I talk to for pointing out my super-model good looks, I have, over the years, just started saying I live in Palm Springs, despite the fact that I don’t actually live in the city of Palm Springs.

Based on a Twitter meme, I am not alone.

Is it the same for you?  Where do you tell people you live when you leave the Coachella Valley…errrr, I mean Greater Palm Springs?

Let’s discuss in the comments.

(Image: Zack Ballentine)