This teen’s company sells rides to Vegas in his Tesla


Heading to Vegas soon? There is a 16-year-old, who owns his own Tesla (!), and he would like to drive you there…for a price.

Haydn Sonnad of Los Angeles wanted a Tesla. His dad was open to the idea (unlike my dad who would just laugh hysterically for several hours if I asked), but Sonnad’s father said he would have to pay for part of the vehicle. So, as KTLA reports, the teen created his own company to drive people to Vegas in his new Tesla.

The company is called Tesloop and it charges $85 each way to Vegas from LA and OC. Sonnad is not allowed by law to drive anyone there, so a “pilot” does it for him. And get this, since the car is electric, he does not pay a dime for gas! He just get’s power from Tesla’s Superchargers placed along the route.

The company has plans to offer new routes, including Palm Springs to LA for $29, and is looking to start a new program where a rider can volunteer to drive and their ride would be free (ummmm, yes please!).

Here is a video posted on the Tesloop webpage: