Talking Robot Cameras Fight Crime in Coachella

talking cameras
The City of Coachella’s solution to fighting crime: talking robot cameras.

5 cameras have already been installed in the city. The cameras monitor movement. If the sensors detect someone in a restricted area, the camera takes a still picture and a loud recorded warning blares from the unit.

2 of the cameras were installed at a park which was vandalized before it was even open to the public, being robbed of its copper wire and lights, graffiti, and had various pieces of equipment burned for some reason.

But since the cameras were installed a year ago, the crime has completely disappeared.

With the success, the city is looking at buying 15 more cameras – as a cost of $7,000 a piece.

Great news if you like less crime…and surely, if you happen to live near a robot camera, you will never get tired of hearing that recorded message over and over and over again.

KMIR News | Palm Springs, California