T-Mobile attempted a bizarre world record in Lake Elsinore


Because all of the good world records are hard to break, T-Mobile sought to set a record that seems pretty made-up on Monday.

The goal was for the T-Mobile blimp to pick up a water skier from the middle of the lake and then have that water skier travel five miles while being towed – because, you know, sure.

As the Press Enterprise notes, the try did not make it the necessary five miles because of choppy waters but they will try again tomorrow.

T-Mobile is doing the stunt to promote the new Samsung Galaxy S9 – which, based on T-Mobile having money to do dumb shit like this, is probably going to cost you way too much.

T-mobile Blimp World Record Attempt

T-mobile Blimp World Record Attempt

Posted by Airsign Live on Monday, March 12, 2018