That sweet $20 Hopsy craft beer deal is back today


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That cool Groupon on four big bottles of tasty craft beer delivered right to your house is back on Groupon today. Last time, this deal went pretty fast – so, if you like craft beer, you might want to check it out before it’s gone.

Here’s the deal: you get four craft-beer-filled 32-Ounce growlettes delivered to your house for $30 off the regular price of $50. That’s only 20 bucks for four different beers shipped right to your door – and they are cold shipped, so you can drink them as soon as they arrive!

I got this deal last time it was around and it was rad.  I ordered, chose a four hour window for delivery (4 to 8pm on a Friday night), and at 4:05 pm, some dude pulled up to my house and gave me a box full of cold beer from the Bay Area.

(Kristen Dolan)

And, yes, they were all really solid beers.

You get to choose the types of beers you want – whether it be hoppy, light, mixed, or choose from San Diego or Bay Area beers.

You can check out all the details here.