SWAT team responds after dispute between Palm Springs roommates

A Swat team and officials with the Palm Springs Police department were on the scene of a residence in Palm Springs after a dispute between roommates escalated to where one man threatened to kill the other.

Officials with the Palm Springs PD told the Desert Sun that one of the men ran out of the house and called police after his roommate threatened him. The other man barricaded himself in the house and threatened police with a knife.

Police have been on a megaphone asking the man to come out. According to KESQ, neighbors have been evacuated and others nearby have been ordered to stay indoors.

Update: In a Facebook Live, Sgt. Hutchinson, the Public Information Officer for the Palm Springs Police Department, says that the suspect threatened his roommate with an “axe or a knife” and says the department is negotiating with the suspect.

Update: The suspect is in custody.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.