Suzanne Somers is having a really hard time selling her home

My neighbor has been trying, for years now, to sell his condo for far more than what it is worth. He has tried listing it with about ten different agents, listing it himself, hosting open houses, painting the exterior, adding new landscaping, spending thousands on new furniture to “stage it better,” and about a million other things. But, even though I have seen plenty of people walk through the place, there haven’t been any offers anywhere near what he expects to get for it. And why?  Probably because his asking price is insane. Why do I bring this up? Well…

Okay, first off, that is an amazing picture to go with that story, KESQ.

Second, the actress cancelled the planned auction of her home yesterday, even after potential buyers had already registered to bid in a process that required no minimum amount.

Somers had originally put the home on the market eight years ago for $27.5 million – a price that it seems, perhaps, buyers thought was a bit too steep.

A rep for the auction company told the Desert Sun that even though the auction is cancelled, offers for the home will still be accepted.

Perhaps she can try buying new furniture “stage it better.”