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Survey: Your Facecbook Friends are Full of Lies!



Tired of feeling inferior to all of your Facebook friends after reading about their amazing weekend adventures (all while you spent the weekend plopped on the couch streaming the entire season of ‘House of Cards’)? Well, stop it. Because, as it turns out, your Faccebook friends are big, fat liars.

One in five people admit to making up stories on social media just so they seem more interesting in the survey of 2,000 people by Lastminute.com. The same number of people make up stories because they feel they need something interesting to talk about at work on Monday (spoiler: no one really wants to hear about your weekend anyway, lies or no lies).

Some people go to insane measures to make their lies seem more believable:

  • 3% apply fake tanner on Sunday night to fool people into thinking they hit the beach all weekend
  • 9% pretended their significant other had surprised them with a weekend getaway
  • 14% lied about hanging with celebs
  • 9% lied about sexual activity
  • 19% lied about swimming with dolphins

Behavioral expert Judi James¬†explained why people make Facebook a land of lies to Daily Mail, “There is a rise in social media envy with people feeling inadequate when they compare their weekend activities with friends, colleagues and even celebrities.” ¬†So in order to save face or feel better, people just make stuff up.

So this weekend, don’t feel inadequate, go ahead and boast about how you are doing absolutely nothing with your life – because all of your friends are doing the same thing (wether or not they actually admit it).