Surprisingly, this hasn’t been the coldest May in the history of Palm Springs

We all know this weather has been crazy, delightful, and, well, I just don’t want to talk about it anymore out of fear of jinxing such a good thing – but, here’s something crazy: there have been plenty of cooler months of May in the last 100 years.

The National Weather Service noted in a tweet that Wednesday saw a high temp of only 75 in Palm Springs – which is 20 degrees below normal. They then note that, while this month has been pretty tame in terms of high temps, it’s only the 30th coolest May on record since 1922.

Wow!  So there were 29 colder Mays?  I don’t remember any of them.  Do you?  Were they all before 1950 or something?

Of course, the weather people also mention that triple digits are on the way, so, perhaps, this month will fall down to 35 or 40 in the rankings by the time June rolls around.

But whatever the case may be, we all saved a bunch of money on our electric bills by not running our air conditioners this week, so now maybe we can afford to grill steaks instead of hot dogs this three-day weekend, which should be nice.