Surprise new Palm Springs district map seems to be all about protecting incumbents

Palm Springs is in the process of setting up districts for future elections and, wow, what do you know, the incumbents seem to really like a map that protects most of them from having to run against each other. Weird.

A map that had previously not been under consideration was suddenly a real possibility after it was introduced by City Council member Lisa Middleton. The Desert Sun took a little look at Middleton’s map and….

An analysis of the maps by The Desert Sun shows the new map, dubbed Middleton Test 5, draws Middleton into a district by herself, meaning she would not be in the same district as council member Christy Holstege, as she would be under a second map that advanced. Middleton’s map also would put Holstege into a district without any other current council member.

Many of the maps considered by the council had put the two into a single district, meaning the pair would have to run against one another in the next election.

But wait, there’s more:

The Middleton Test 5 map also draws J.R. Roberts into a district without any other council members, meaning he would also not have to run against council members Geoff Kors and Mayor Rob Moon. Many of the maps under consideration had the three in a single district, meaning they would have all had to run for a single council seat.

If only the Palm Springs City Council worked as hard at literally anything as they do at protecting their seats.