It sure looks like Dan Ball is running for Congress

It certainly appears that former person on TV Dan Ball will soon announce that he is running for congress.

Not only has Ball been hinting at this for months now, so we have been entering some keywords into the ol’ Google machine for a few days now and wouldn’t you know a website for Ball’s campaign has recently magically appeared.

Here’s a screenshot:


“It’s time we had a strong leader represent us who will put his constituents first,” the website states.  “We have a responsibility to make this community work for everyone, and ensure our children will have the tools, resources, and foundation necessary to thrive and be successful, that’s what this campaign is all about.”

Ball has also filed with the Federal Elections Commission, so yeah, either he’s running or this is one hell of an elaborate prank.

The question is: can he beat a guy with shitty car and a soap star who isn’t registered to vote in the Coachella Valley?

Cactus Hugs has reached out to Dan Ball for comment and have not yet received a response.

Update: He’s in.  Dan Ball forwarded us a news release stating, “On Monday, October 16th, Air Force veteran and former news anchor Dan Ball will officially announce his campaign for California’s 36th Congressional Seat.”