Sure. A $300 million stadium is totally coming to the Coachella Valley.

(via KMIR)

KMIR reports that a giant sports complex is coming to the Coachella Valley and, much like everything else that has been promised over the years, I totally believe it’s actually happening.

The property sitting between Interstate 10 and the Classic Club in Palm Desert isn’t much to look at now, but that’s about to change.

“Right now you’re standing on the site of the new, The Shield at 1 Coyote Way. Which is going to be a 12 thousand seat air conditioned stadium, entertainment and faith unique place of gathering,” said Miller.

The Shield at 1 Coyote Way will include everything from medical facilities, to restaurants, even a 120 room hotel. Football, soccer, boxing, MMA, and local high schools will also be able to use the facilities.

Wow.  That’s so many sports to see between your time at the Coachella Valley amusement park, dinner at Hooters, your time at the  huge Alien Hotel, and the Coachella Valley Wind-Up.

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(h/t Doug)

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