(Instagram / larakaruna)
(Instagram / larakaruna)
(Instagram / larakaruna)

Summer in the Coachella Valley is just wonderful! Waking up to find it is already 90 degrees is great, but the real joy comes later in the day when you have to go for a drive and the air temperature is 116, but the temperature inside more closely resembles that on the surface of the sun.

Here is how it all goes down.

You first have to open the car door without burning off your hand.

Then, you get inside your ride – and that is where the real fun begins…

Before you can do anything else, it is mandatory that you take a photo of your dashboard thermometer to show everyone how much you are suffering.

122 dash reading

Then, you crank up the A/C – well, not too much because all it blows out at first is hot air.

And be sure to crack those windows so all that hot air can escape.

Those in the backseat of the car should really be enjoying themselves at this point.

And so much for any groceries.


But then, in what feels like a miracle, things start to actually cool off inside of your car.

At which point you will arrive at your destination – sweaty, gross, and without a shaded parking spot to be found.

Have a great summer everyone.

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