Stuft Pizza Beer in Palm Desert Mall
Seeecret beer, yeah. That's what you are...????

Stuft Pizza Beer in Palm Desert Mall

Guys, there is no longer a reason to shrug when your woman wants to drag you to go shopping at the mall. Gone are the days of you waiting outside of H&M on a lonely bench for minutes, hours, days while she tries on every article of clothing in the store – because Stuft Pizza has opened at Westfield Palm Desert!

The place has tons of huge TVs to watch the game, cool staff, and a pretty extensive menu with appetizers, sandwiches, salads, and pizzas – but most importantly, look at that happy hour menu!

Happy Hour Menu Stuft Pizza

Yup, only $3.38 for a huge mug of craft beer from 3-6pm every day (I went with The Firestone Double Barrel Ale which was delicious) plus a large selection of reasonably priced apps, wines, pizzas, and booze.

With a menu like this, you will hope the wife takes even longer to find that new pair of shoes.

Casey Dolan | Cactus Hugs


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