Study: Public bathroom hand dryers spread bacteria from the toilet


Oh great! So, I guess washing your hands is good…but drying. Well, drying them is bad. Science, man. WTF?

As ABC News reports, researchers at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine claim that those dryers on the wall actually suck in bacteria from flushing toilets and then spread it onto your hands. ????

For the study, researchers found that bathrooms without hand dryers had just six pathogens compared to 254 in bathrooms with hand dryers. Oh, and they also found that bacteria spread outside of the bathroom and into other parts of the building.

And the thing is, unless the dryer is one of those cooler new Dyson blowers that dry your hands in like 2.2 seconds, they always are terrible anyway. I know towels fill up the trash and have to be refilled and some dickheads just throw them on the ground, but, even with all the problems, let’s go ahead and put more towels in public bathrooms – because none of us want to have to hold it in until we get home.