Study: Pinterest Has Nearly Half of U.S. Moms Stressed Out


Pinterest, the social media site where ladies can get ideas for decorating, crafting, cooking, and GET STRESSED THE F**K OUT!

A new Today Show survey of moms is out and it shows that nearly half of moms now suffer from “Pinterest Stress”:

In our exclusive TODAY Moms survey of 7,000 U.S. mothers, 42 percent said that they sometimes suffer from Pinterest stress – the worry that they’re not crafty or creative enough. Symptoms include staying up until 3 a.m. clicking through photos of exquisite hand-made birthday party favors even though you’ll end up buying yours at the dollar store, or sobbing quietly into a burnt mess of expensive ingredients that were supposed to be adorable bunny cookies for the school bake sale.

“It tricks you into thinking that everyone is baking their own bread,” said Jenna Andersen, 28, a Palo Alto, Calif., mom of two, photographer and blogger behind the hilarious site Pinterest Fail, which chronicles Pinterest-inspired crafts and recipes gone oh-so-wrong. She’s still a fan of the site, but she’s learned not to let herself think that the artfully curated photos represent anyone’s reality. “Pinterest is largely a site of unrealized dreams.”

A couple things:

  1. Pinterest should really go with “a site of unrealized dreams” for their new slogan
  2. Andersen told The Today Show that she has heard mothers say things like, “It was just a little party, nothing I’d put on Pinterest” – basically stating that throwing a party for their child is not enjoyable unless they can Pinterest-brag about it.  This is insane because there are only 2 things people give a crap about when they are invited to kid parties:
    1. For kids: will there be a bounce house?
    2. For parents: will there be free booze?

Answer yes to both of those and people will really dig your party, even without you spending dozens of hours crafting popsicle sticks, duct tape, old tires, beard clippings, and Teddy Grahams into Olaf centerpieces.