Palm Springs Radio Stations and Streaming

Palm Springs radio is full of quite a few stations that call the Coachella Valley.  Here, we list the station by call letters, format, and, where applicable, link to their livestream, so you can listen to Palm Springs radio on your computer no matter where you might be (what’s up, Russian hackers!).

Below are the Palm Springs media market radio stations listed in order of frequency.  Happy listening.

Palm Springs FM Radio Stations:

???? 101.5 FM ALT 101.5 – Alternative Music (note: we are a bit biased, but this station has a particularly good afternoon show)????

Palm Springs AM Radio Stations

  • 920 AM KPSI – Talk
  • 970 AM KNWZ – News/Talk
  • 1010 AM KXPS – Sports
  • 1140 AM KNWQ – News/Talk
  • 1250 AM KNWH – News/Talk
  • 1270 AM KFSQ – Spanish Talk
  • 1340 AM KWXY – EasyListening
  • 1400 AM KESQ – Spanish Christian
  • 1450 AM KPTR – Talk
  • 1490 AM KMET – Smooth Jazz

This page was last updated on August 9, 2018.  Sometimes radio stations just change formats in the middle of the night to something amazing or, most times, something awful.  If there is some information in our listing of Palm Springs radio stations that should be updated, let us know about it.