Here’s some videos of former Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet bragging about cutting his own pay back in 2010 – which may seem just a tad bit odd now that Pougnet, along with two business developers, were charged with bribery today by Riverside Country District Attorney Mike Hestrin.  

Back when Pougnet was running for Congress in 2010, he blasted his opponent, who then went by Mary Bono Mack, for “protecting Wall Street profits” while he took a pay cut to be Mayor (hmmm, wonder how he was able to afford that? ????):

Here is another commercial where he brags about his pay cut while children are used as props to chant campaign slogans while an announcer talks about all the money his opponent is making, while he, Steve Pougnet, cut his pay twice.  (Seriously, how did he afford rent?  One has to wonder ????):

Finally, here’s a spot where Pougnet’s team attacks Mary Bono Mack for taking over $100,000 in campaign donations fromm Wall Street – which is $275,000 less than the bribes he is accused of taking:

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