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Thursday updates: * The CDC projects 148,000 US deaths by July 25. * The anti-maskers are coming around. * California was doing so well, until it wasn't anymore. Stay safe.  💚🌵
Wednesday updates: * Indoor dining is gone for a while. * California sees yet another day of record high number of cases reported. * Donald Trump says something good about masks. No, seriously. Stay safe.  💚🌵
Tuesday updates: * Riverside County's reports 17 deaths in the last 24 hours. * California sees yet another day of record high number of cases reported. * Gov. Newsom says new restrictions are coming this week. Stay safe.  💚🌵
Monday updates: * Riverside County's ICU beds are 99% occupied. * Bars are being ordered to close...again. * 991 new cases in the county since Friday. Stay safe.  💚🌵
Friday updates: * The US sees over 40,000 cases in one day, a record. * It's going to be a while longer before new movies hit theaters. * Behind-the-wheel tests are back at the DMV. Stay safe.  💚🌵
Thursday updates: * Riverside Co. is told to get its act together. * The reason you have probably been hearing a lot of fireworks lately. * There will be a 4th of July firework show in the desert. Stay safe.  💚🌵
Wednesday updates: * The city of Palm Springs is getting serious about masks. * So is the governor. * Seriously tho, just wear a freakin' mask! Stay safe.  💚🌵
Someone in the Coachella Valley is a heck of a lot richer today after scoring a $1,454,675 win on a Powerball ticket purchased at Ralph's on Jefferson Street in Indio.
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