Stagecoach Day 3: What’s in the box?

Just outside the Stagecoach security gates lies this the amnesty box which, despite not being an actual box, gives anyone attempting to smuggle in 3 kilos of coke into the festival a chance to ditch it with no questions asked. The fest is missing a golden opportunity, as every Monday morning, there should be a televised (or at least a Facebook Live) showing the opening of the this thing.

What’s inside?  Is it a ton of weapons?  Drugs?  Michael Flynn’s Russian pay stubs?  Nothing at all?  Probably nothing at all.  But, still, I would watch that broadcast.  Have Geraldo host.

Some other notes from the third day of the festival:

Pro-tip: only use permanent ink if you are sure:

What a place to have a snack:

The Empire Polo Club is simply amazing at sunset:

Trying to determine if these chairs are tied together or if there was a crime here:

If the door ain’t locked, what do you need a Kiefer?


I need this shirt:


Save a horse, ride a shark:


Oz the Great and Powerfull?


I need this bandana:


Props to Goldenvoice for, once again, putting on another amazing three weekends. Now, we wait with fingers crossed to see if Desert Trip happens again.