The Desert X 2019 guide to SPECTER in Whitewater

Desert X 2019 runs from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea (with many spots in the Coachella Valley in between) from February 9 through April 21. Below is info for SPECTER by Sterling Ruby and you can catch all the info you need for every Desert X installation in our complete guide here.


Artist: Sterling Ruby

Where: Snowcreek Canyon Road, Whitewater, just north of Palm Springs

Note: if you are looking to avoid Desert X “spoilers” stop reading here.  If not, carry on. 

The Lowdown: You have two chances to see Desert X installations along Highway 111 north of Palm Springs (the other being Western Flag). The first one you will see, if you are driving into Palm Springs from the 10 Freeway is SPECTER – and, though it is a few hundred yards off of the highway, it’s tough to miss as it is bright af!

The piece is meant to stand out amongst its desert surroundings and it does, plus it makes for some cool photo opps. Do note that the road to the parking area is dirt and that the ground around the installation is a little muddy after all the recent rain (at least as of this post) – so, yeah, shoes are fine, but your flip flops or heels aren’t going to be the best option.

I am not really going to add anything more here as there is really not anything more to say.

We would love to see your photos of SPECTER.  Be sure to post them in the comments below – and check out our guide to all of the Desert X installations here.