C’mon, KMIR. You can do better than ‘Weed Valley’.


KMIR News – a once proud local TV station that has now transformed into a loony, stunt-filled morning zoo radio show – is out with a promo for an upcoming story that everyone else covered months ago, just with a logo and a nickname name that could use some help.

The segment, to air on Friday night at 11 p.m. which is the perfect time to reach marijuana smokers, is titled “Weed Valley” – which, umm, sure.  They just probably could have done better.

Here are some titles that might have made more sense.

  • Desert Pot Springs (obviously)
  • Ganj Springs
  • Co-Cheeba Valley
  • Reefer Mirage
  • High Valley
  • Roach-Chella
  • Bermuda Doobs
  • Kush-Chella Valley

I probably could have come up with better ones – but, unfortunately, it is still early and I am not nearly high enough on that “Weed Valley Chronic” right now.

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