A Palm Springs real estate firm has taken to local TV and Facebook in an attempt to find who stole their Storm Trooper.

Leaskou Partners posted that the statue was taken on Sunday night.

Employees of the firm say they arrived to find the back door smashed Monday morning.

“Well, we have motion sensors, we have glass sensors, every agent has a code, we have cameras so we can see who comes and goes. But for some reason, they were able to sneak in,” Rob Grace, vice president of Public Relations at Leaskou Partners, told KESQ.

No other items were taken and the Palm Springs Police Department told the TV station that the high visibility of the item may have made it attractive to burglars.

“It’s very public, people know that we have it, so it could have been anyone,” Grace said.

The agency posted that they have since increased security by adding additional cameras, glass break sensors & motion sensors, and “state of the art laser floor grids.”  

They also posted that, “any information leading to the arrest of those responsible for this dreadful act of crime, will be handsomely rewarded.”


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