Someone with the City of Palm Springs is hilarious

Someone with The City of Palm Springs has a great sense of humor. They’re probably going to get punished or fired, but it might just have been worth it.

The eagle-eyed Jesse Marx of the Desert Sun noticed that the Mayor’s State of the City presentation, which is already going over with a thud, is posted online with the title “50% of What I Tell You Will Be True”

Certainly, this was not posted by the Mayor, as he is too busy driving all over town looking for shoes – so it had to be someone else and whoever it was might just be the only honest person working for the city.

As of this post, the file is still there with that name and I am 100% certain that “50% of What I Tell You Will Be True” is what the Palm Springs State of the City address should be called from now on.

Update: here’s the explanation, though we are still calling future speeches this title.

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