SoCal Woman Poses as Drunk Girl in Need of Directions, Creepy Guys Try to Take Her Home Instead

Pretend Drunk Girl

UPDATE: looks like the video was a hoax because the internet is all a lie.

Over 35 million people have see the video of a woman getting catcalled a billion times as she walks through the streets of New York City. Now there is a new video that showcases a woman pretending to be a bit tipsy asking for directions – only to have douchey guys try to take her home.

The video from Steven Zhang shows a woman on Hollywood Blvd. drinking from a paper bag in broad daylight. The actress does a good job of acting as if she has had a little too much.

She asks numerous men how she can catch a bus back to her home in Culver City – unfortunately only one of the five dudes in the video actually tries to help her to her bus. The other guys are far more interested in helping her to their own vehicles to take her to their own house because douchebags like “J Beezy” are “not gonna charge her” and “jus want to help her so much”.

Worst of all, at the end of the video – just when you think maybe this poor girl has found a knight in shining armor, everything manages to get even worse and any faith in humanity you may have had left is now gone forever.

(HT Total Frat Move)